nopCommerce 3.8 Plugin - Exact Payments

nopCommerce version 3.8 plugin that supports a Hosted Payment Solution through the E-xact payment gateway. It also supports Interac Online Debits!

Hosted Payment Pages

E-commerce is risk business. E-xact's hosted Payment Page service is a secure, cost-effective option for ecommerce website merchants. Get the money, leave the risk and let E-xact shoulder the burden of PCI compliance.

No one wants to have to constantly go back and update their software. It's expensive, time-consuming, and takes focus away from your primary concern: your business.

Offload the risk and take the rewards

With Payment Pages, once you're up and running adding a new feature like Verified by Visa can take as little as one button click.

All of the benefits - none of the liability. Storing card data is a high-risk undertaking that requires constant attention and vigilance, something few merchants (if any) can afford.

Payment Pages means not having to bother with it at all. E-xact will host the page, secure the transaction and provide the merchant with everything they need to do manage it and get their money.

Take the payments, let E-xact shoulder the worry. In the business since 1998, they're used it.

Please mention Effective Systems when signing up for an E-xact account so our affiliate gets the credit!

Payments.Exact Configuration Screen

 Supports multi-store configuration for Payment Plugins!


Use Sandbox

Check to send the transaction to the test URL at If uncheck, transactions are sent to the live system at

Transaction Mode

Authorize and Capture

If the transaction is approved, the funds are captured and withdrawn from the customer’s account. This is true for both Credit Card and Interac Online Debit transactions.


If the transaction is approved, for a Credit Card, the funds are reserved but not captured. To capture the funds, you must logon to the RPM account at E-xact and manually capture the funds.

Interac Online Debit does not support Authorize, so if the transaction is approved, the transaction will be authorized and captured.

Capturing a Credit Card Pre-Authorized Transaction

From the RPM account at E-xact:

The button labeled “C” at the left most edge of the above screenshot is used to “Capture” the Pre-authorized transaction.

Then you must manually mark the order “paid” in nopCommerce:

Transaction Key

Enter the transaction Key found in the RPM Account at E-Xact. Go to the Payment Pages, 7. Security Settings to generate a Key.  Be sure to use “MD5” as the encryption type!

Login ID

Enter the Payment Page ID as the login ID. This is found in the RPM Account at E-Xact under Payment Pages.

Additional Fee

Enter an amount that will be added to the order total if the customer chooses to use this method of payment from your web site.

Pass Items to Exact

Checking this option sends the line item detail of the order to E-xact .


If this option is unchecked, only the total amount of the order is sent.

Response Key

Enter the Response  Key found in the RPM Account at E-xact. Go to the Payment Pages, 7. Security Settings to generate a Key. Be sure to use “MD5” as the encryption type!

Important RPM Settings at E-xact

In addition to the above listed configuration settings, the following settings are important to the functionality of the nopCommerce E-xact plugin and must be configured by logging into the RPM account at E-xact.

Note: There are many other settings in the RPM that will have an impact on your order processing, the risk level of accepting transactions, and appearance of the payment form. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you sign up for a demo account and do some testing before trying to go live!

Note: If you are using the Multi-Store feature of nopCommerce, you need to setup multiple Payment Pages at E-xact in order to have the customer returned to the correct store.

Payment Pages - 1. General

Return to Your Site URL

Must be like;

Payment Pages – 3. Receipt Page

Allow Relay Response

Must be selected.

Relay Response URL

Must be like;



Sample Screen Shots

E-xact Payment Form with Interac Enabled

Effective Systems, LLC E-xact Payment Plugin

E-xact Failed Payment

Effective Systems, LLC E-xact Payment Plugin

nopCommerce Failed Payment

nopCommerce Successful Payment

nopCommerce Order Notes - Success

nopCommerce Order Notes - Failed


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